CHESS TO GO (Ver 1.4)
Learning To Go
Chess to Go is a product of Messrs.Learning To Go  introducing several Products for handheld computers and Chess To Go is one of them sold in the medium Priced Software Category (currently USD 12.-).The program runs on Handhelds as of OS 3.5 till up to High Res Models.Depending upon your handheld the features will  work either in full or restricted due to the type of handheld you own.The program requires 700 Kb of free space on the handheld.
The program is regularly updated and as a good service  the Softwarehouse sends the update info to registered users.Last update June 2004
The first column of the menu enables to select new game function with setting of game level (up to 9 Levels) Gambit Style or setting to a timed game and selection of  Black or White to be played.Load game Save Game and reopen last played game.The second column enables resign,Switch Places, Pause/Play and Custom Game. 
The third column gives the choice of Undo and Redo Moves ,Hint and Captured Pieces with a history of moves up to 16 half moves. 8 Full moves to both sides .The last Column gives the possibility of Reversing the board Settings which is identical to the New Game Function,Chess Topic related to a brief explanation of the Game of Chess. Position Setup is als possible to replay games.ın addition the menu choice by the respective columns a desktop icon menue is also available.The program has a digital clock showing the elapsed time during thinking process.
The program playing Black against White playing 1.e4. replies in majority  1...Nf6  seldom 1...Nc6 , 1...e6 and 1...e5
against  1.d4 almost equally ,
1...e6 , 1...Nc6 , 1...Nf6 ,  and seldom  1...d6 and 1...d5 
against  1.c4
1...Nc6  , 1...Nf6 , 1...e6 equally and seldom 1...e5

against 1.b3
same reply as  against 1...d4

against 1.Nf6
1...Nf6 only
The frequency of the replies may alter depending upon the level of play but in general these are the replies by Black.

The program playing White ,opens with 1.Nf3 , 1.d3, 1. e4 , 1.Nc3 , 1,e3 and at  higher levels 1.d4 is also played.
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The program in the endgame can checkmate :
1. K + Q  against    K
2. K + R  against    K
3. B + B + K  against   K   not successful
The program claims won in stelemate position
4. B + N + K   against   K  not successful

The program does not recognize stalemate  and draw by move repetition
The setup of obtaining a passed pawn in the endgame was also applied to thisliprogram.

White : Pawns on f5 , g5 and h5 , K on a1

Black  : Pawns on f7 , g7 and h7 , K on c1
White to move the program is unable to find the correct  move 1.g6
Animated Screenshot
The following position set up was also applied with this program :
White :  Pawns on a4 , c5 , h6, Rc4 and Ke1
Black :   Pawns  on a5, f3 , f7 , g6 , h7 , Be4 ,Nh8 , Kd5
The program is not able to find the move 1. RxB and plays instead 1.Rc3 escaping the Rook which is on threat.Therefore the Black can recover in the meantime mobilizing own piecesl.ick here to add your text.
Pawn promotion is possible to a queen only and there is n o choice for another piece.
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