CHESS GENIUS  (ver. 2.01)
Chess Genius is the work of Richard Lang ,one of the top programmers in the world.As of 1980 he was already known and thenafter he secured his place among the top.He wrote programs for several systems including for dedicated Chess Computers.Cyrus , Psion,Mephisto and Chess Genius are his well known  top works.The background link above which consists of several pages will give a detailed picture of his career and welldeserved reputation.He has always been successful in remaining up to date and Chess Genius for Palm OS , Pocket PC and Handies are a good example for this.By Visiting his homepage you will find more valuable information. 
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Chess Genius for Palm has a rating of ELO 1870 according to SSDF but this is related to operating system 4.1 .According to softwarehouse the programs  performance is about 400 ELO higher when used with the new 5.0 operating system and faster ARM processors which is quite good for a handheld device.I wish SSDF or similar sources will regularly test not only PC programs but also those of Palm and similar devices to give detailed and updated  information. Chess Genius is updated regularly and is free of charge for registered users. The program size is 163 kb
(unpacked),and recognizes all chess rules.PGN recognition is also available. The opening book consists of 9442 positions and recognizes transpositions  in the move order thus remaining in the book irrespective of the move order played.
Chess Genius has a detailed menu which enables easy and efficient use.It consists of New Game determining color selection and in addition Mate in and Game in levels being adjusted according to a fixed time level for the function concerned.For Beginners there is an easy level also being divided into ten levels from the easiest to the hardest. Analyse Game and Player vs IR are also enabled.The program has altogether innumerable number of Levels with various playing , mate solving  possibilities which  can also be adjusted with this selection.Mate in and Game in within the selection also enable different  thinking times.Color of the Board,Engine Preferences can also be adjusted with ease.The general preferences extension of the New Game  branches to Permanent Brain (thinking process is on when opponent is thinking  ) Tutorial and Sound on and off.The thinking process is visible in the analysed move order and a digital clock gives information regarding used thinking time/length in total and for the current move also informing when human has to move. The result of the analysed position is also reflected showing the evaluation with either a plus or a minus  figure.
Position Set Up ,Switch Sides.Hint ,Take Back Single or Multi Moves ,Play Forward Single and Multi Moves can be made with ease.Very useful when a different variation or move is to be tried Saving games and Loading again are the final functions of this column.  .
The program in the opening phase of the game playing with the Black pieces gives the following replies. To 1.e4 Mostly 1..e5  , 1..c6 , 1..c5 , 1..e6 and seldom 1..Nf6 and 1..d5
To 1.d4 the program mostly replies 1..d5  frequently 1..c6 , 1..e6 and 1..Nf6
To 1.c4 mostly 1..e5 frequently 1..c6 and seldom 1..e6 , 1..Nf6 and 1..Nc6
To 1.Nf3 mostly  1..d5 and 1..Nf6 frequently 1..c6 and 1..c5 and seldom 1..Nc6
To 1.b3  1..d5 and  1..e5 only
The second column of the menu starts with Preferences which is identical with the New Game menu offered features.Then comes Reverse Board,Board Size adjustment.Board Coordinates and Info about the version of the Program.
The Program playing with White Pieces opens  with 1.e4 ,1.d4 and 1.c4  and very seldom  with  1.Nf3Click here to add your text.
The program plays very good chess in the middle game and is one of the two rated Palm OS compatible Chess Programs by SSDF.The program is a World Championship winning Program For Palm OS Platform.It is extremely fast and efficient in tactital positions. The setup below used to test before for other Palm OS programs on these pages was given to Chess Genius too.  
White : Pawns on a4 , c5 and h6 , Rc4 and Ke1
Black : Pawns on a5 ,f3 , f7 ,g6 and h7,Be4 ,Nh8 and Kd5

The Key Move 1. RxB is already found at 5 seconds thinking time for each move . At  2 and 3 Seconds level the correct move is found however  the continuation 1..KxR  can not avoid the Queening of the Pawn on c4 escapes easily after 2.c5  The game is lost for Black also when Kxc4
is played but 1...KxR loses faster.    Click here to add your text.
For the endgame we have two different positions.One is a formerly tested  setup  with other programs  which has the following setup ;

White  : Pawns on  f5, g5 ,h5 , Ka1t
Black  :  Pawns on f7 , g7, h7 , Kc1

At one second per move level the Chess Genius finds the correct solution but not the correct continuation.At 2 Seconds per move level the program Finds the correct move and the solution by getting a passed pawn and winning the game.
The second setup is to check the ability of the program when Pawn Promotion is in question the setup is as follows:
White : Pawns on h6 and f7 , Knights  on e7 and  g6 and King on g5

Black ; King on h7
White to move plays  1.f8 + Promotes to a Knight and checkmates immediately at  Mate in 1 Level and  as of  Easy Level 3 .The program plays the move instantly .None of the reviewed PALM OS programs till now could checkmate in such a position as pawn promotion could result in a Queen only which will mean a stalemate in this position.
Volume Control
In the endgame the program can make the following elemantary mates :.

King   +  Queen   vs  King 

King   +   Rook     vs  King

King + Bishop  + Bishop  vs  King
The review of Pocket Chess Deluxe is now ready:
The only program so far mating with :
King + Bishop + Knight vs King
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The program announces mate giving the number of moves. I experienced several times mate in five and then number of moves diminishing until final position of checkmate is reached. The program is fast therefore even at very low levels King + Bishop + Knight  vs  King mates  are successfully achieved.ur text.